Singer Songwriter -Didgeridoo Player - Percussionist - Collaborator


Who is facebagel?

Matthew White aka Facebagel is a singer-songwriter, didgeridoo player and percussionist based out of Golden, Co. Mixing folk with storytelling and indie rock with an ability to adapt to most any genre, all with a silky-smooth voice draped over top. The name Facebagel came to be while selecting screen names for early 2000s chatting with AOL instant messenger with friends and became a lifelong nickname. Performing at major festivals around the country such as Firefly, Electric Forest, High Sierra Music Festival as well as kids day camps, holiday trolley tours and more - Facebagel strives to share his music with you and as many people as possible.

Facebagel 2022-2023 Performance Reel

live Photos

Facebagel Set at the Honeycomb Stage for Electric Forest

Facebagel on Didgeridoo peforming with Rhythmetrix at DelFest

Facebagel performing with Rhythmetrix & Deana Sophia at Firefly Music Festival

Facebagel Live