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facebagel original: My Time With You @ rino art park in Denver, Co


Who is facebagel?

Matthew White aka Facebagel is a singer-songwriter, didgeridoo player and percussionist based out of Denver, CO. Mixing folk with storytelling and indie rock with an ability to adapt to most any genre, all with a silky-smooth voice draped over top. The name Facebagel came to be while selecting screen names for early 2000s chatting with AOL instant messenger with friends and became a lifelong nickname. Performing at major festivals around the country such as Firefly, Electric Forest, High Sierra Music Festival as well as kids day camps, holiday trolley tours as well writing sync music for films, television & documentaries - Facebagel strives to share his music with you and as many people as possible.

Facebagel 2024 Performance Reel

live Photos

Facebagel Set at the Honeycomb Stage for Electric Forest

Facebagel on Didgeridoo peforming at DelFest

Facebagel performing at Firefly Music Festival

Facebagel Tuesdays Cover Series

What is Facebagel Tuesdays?

 Every other Tuesday at 12pm MT Time, a new cover is released on Youtube form yours truly, Facebagel. Don't forget over to head to my Youtube channel and subscribe for more content and future videos right to your screen!

Facebagel Wednesdays: 5 minutes of didge

What is Facebagel Wednesdays: 5 Minutes of Didge?

Every Wednesdays at 12pm noon, a new ‘5 Minutes of Didge’ video is uplaoded where I go out into the world, find a goreous setting (or a silly backdrop)  and sit down for a few minutes to give the world a little more didge than it had before. Check out the youtube series each week and looking forward to playing more and more for you!

Facebagel Live